Agencies, as well as volunteers, also have rights and responsibilities.

In addition to all of those listed in the Volunteer Responsibilities, volunteer-involving agencies also have the RIGHT to:
•    Assess the volunteer’s capacities, place them appropriately and expect assignments to be adequately completed.
•    Plan and facilitate training for volunteers.
•    Redirect volunteers determined unsuitable for placement or to say NO to volunteers.

Agencies have the RESPONSIBILITY to:
•    Empower volunteers to meet their own and agency needs.
•    Offer volunteers work opportunities appropriate to their skills, experience and aspirations.
•    Provide volunteers with clear duty statements and orientation to their work and the agency.
•    Offer training and support for volunteers to achieve goals.
•    Implement procedures to ensure volunteer safety and well-being.
•    Offer reimbursement or other compensation to cover out-of-pocket expenses.
•    Recognise volunteers as valued team members, with opportunities to participate in relevant agency decisions.
•    Provide mechanisms to acknowledge the value of contributions made by volunteers.