How Volunteers can Access the Referral Service

The Albany & Regional Volunteer Service (ARVS) will assist people in the community willing and able to help not-for-profit groups to carry out the valuable services they provide.

The Albany & Regional Volunteer Service will maintain details of volunteer positions available.  The Centre will obtain information about potential volunteers including details of experiences, skills and interests.  This information will help match volunteers with community groups.  Potential volunteers will be referred on to selected community groups.

The Albany & Regional Volunteer Service will also work with community groups to ensure an appropriate environment exists for volunteers.

Where needs are identified, appropriate training will be available to potential volunteers to better equip them in their volunteering experience.

Contact the Albany & Regional Volunteer Service and we’ll happily arrange an appointment with one of our trained Volunteer Referral Officers (who themselves are volunteering their time for the benefit of the ARVS).

A referral appointment will take about an hour.