Volunteers have the RIGHT to:

  •  Worthwhile and stimulating activities, using any special skills they may have
  • Choice regarding the activities they participate in – to be able to say NO if they are uncomfortable with the task assigned
  • Be provided with orientation that will help them understand the agency and type of work they will do
  • Receive adequate training, support and supervision to enable them to do their job effectively
  • Be given feedback
  • Be recognized for their contribution
  • Be protected by adequate insurance
  • Work in healthy and safe environment
  • Have authorized out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed

Volunteers have the RESPONSIBILITY to:

  •     Be dependable – notify the agency if unable to attend
  •     Be willing to undertake relevant orientation, training, support and supervision
  •     Maintain confidentiality and be non-judgmental
  •     Work in accordance with health and safety regulations
  •     Work in accordance with instructions and rules
  •     Say no when they cannot commit to a task
  •     Respect the rights, privacy and dignity of clients